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Then see 1967 for an idea of the sorts of events that may be worth recording. Check "What links here" and search the wiki in case some notable events are there without links.

We can (fairly quickly) add to individual created pages tricky things such as the day of the week for 1 January, found at the start of the corresponding Wikipedia year pages. We could add the month calendars too, but a link to the Wikipedia versions may be good enough.

Let's not forget the desirability of having separate pages for the two-name years, 1582/83-1750/51.


{{year nav|{{PAGENAME}}}}{{alsoWP}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' (AD or CE) <!-- here we can substitute some of 
the corresponding sentence from Wikipedia --> 
was a good year for genealogists and others. <!--some years have 
really notable events for this introduction-->

==Events of relevance to genealogy==
<!-- headings for months, as on "1967"? -->

==See also==
*[[:Category:Born in {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Married in {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Died in {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} in the United States]]<!-- none of those by 
June 2007 but we may have them if enough material, eg census years; 
most will start with [[template:alsoWP]] because those go back to 1775 
already - see [[Wikipedia:Category:1770s in the United States]]-->

==External links==
<!-- not every Wikipedia year page has identical format 
(or even existence yet?); desirable to check that these actually exist, and comment them out meantime if not-->
*[[Wikipedia:Category:Settlements established in {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[Wikipedia:{{PAGENAME}}#Births]] (the more notable people)
*[[Wikipedia:Category:{{PAGENAME}} births]] (nearly everyone on WP)
*[[Wikipedia:{{PAGENAME}}#Deaths]] (the more notable people)
*[[Wikipedia:Category:{{PAGENAME}} deaths]] (nearly everyone on WP)

{{usedwp}} <!--leave that in even if we haven't copied 
anything yet; we plan to; and it's an easy extra link to that very useful page-->

[[category:1990s]] <!-- or whichever -->
[[Category:20th century]] <!-- or whichever -->


Year category pages[]

A much shorter version of that model can form the basis of year categories. See Genealogy:Year category contents/model.