Many of the items listed below will also be on the category page in brief form. There may be little need for year pages except where the material is getting so extensive that it would make the category page too long for easy viewing of subcategories. Most of the last 200 years will deserve such a separate page eventually.

A year page should ideally:

  • be in the category for its year and possibly that of its century
  • link to existing or envisaged categories for births, marriages, and deaths in that year
  • link to at least the preceding year page and the following year page
  • link to at least the English Wikipedia year page and possibly to the English WP "xxxx Births" etc if any, and to any other pages in any language that users wish to add
  • contain a calendar and lists of events of relevance, eg:
    • census
    • county creation or boundary change
    • opening or destruction of a public record office
    • start of colonisation or annexation
    • major disaster such as war, the Potato Famine, or the 1918 TB pandemic

Basic structure, calendar, etc, can be copied direct from Wikipedia with the standard ({{enWP|...) acknowledgment. Items listed above should then be added as required.

A detailed incomplete example is at 1967.