Far West is one of a dozen regions into which people commonly divide New South Wales, a former British colony that is now the most populous state of Australia.

Location and geography[]

Region is in the mostly-arid north-west corner of the state, adjoining Orana region to the east, Murrumbidgee region to the south-east, Murray region to the south, with South Australia to the west and Queensland to the north. The Darling River flows from north-east to south.

This wiki adopts the boundaries used by the Dept of Local Government and by NSW GenWeb, which enclose much less area than the Wikipedia region of the same name.


Other localities[]

  • Ivanhoe
  • Menindee
  • White Cliffs
  • Wilcannia

Local Government Areas[]


Counties in New South Wales, as in most of Australia, have no statutory function except that they are used for defining land ownership and transfer. They may overlap region boundaries. This region contains the whole of each of the following counties:

It contains part of each of the following counties:


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