Fenrich (IPA [fεn'rɪç], alternative spellings: Fendrich, Fenrick, sometimes with preposition von) was an Austrian lower nobility family of German origin, a branch of the House of Fenner (Venner, Venour).

Fenrich coat of arms, issued in Wappen bürglerlicher Geschlechter Deutschlands, 1857.

History and ancestral house(s)[]

The use of family name Fenrich was firstly attested at the beginning of 16th century, replacing an older Middle High German form Fenner and the Alemannic form Venner.[1] The name Fenner, however, can be traced back to a Celtic tribe Fen,[2] originally from Austria, that began to spread throughout Europe giving rise to Fenrichs' ancestral houses Fenner and Venner (in French also Venour). Sir William Fenner and Baron La Venour are recorded in the Domesday Book, which was a record of all the landowners in England, as ordered by king William in 1086.[2]

Throughout the 18th and 19th century, Fenrichs became closely related to the House of Ochsenreither von Jockgrim by means of multiple intermarriages.[3]

Dining Hall of the Fenrich palace in Bingen, Germany.

Prominent members[]

Heinz Fenrich, the Lord mayor of Karlsruhe, Germany (1998 - 2013)

  • Graff Heinrichus Fenrich von Baden-Durlach[4]
  • Heinz Fenrich, German politician (CDU)[5]
  • Anton Fendrich, German politician and writer
  • Rainhard Fendrich, Austrian pop singer
  • Andrew Fenrich, US politician (Democratic Party)


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