Feodora Startakovna of Beloozero was born 1240 to Sartak Khan (c1225-1256) and died 20 December 1273 of unspecified causes. She married Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero (1237-1278) .

Feodora Sartakovna (d. December 20, 1273 ) - Princess of Rostov and of Beloozero.

The daughter of Batu Khan's son Sartak Khan was baptized and named Feodora in 1257 and married Prince Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero. Marriage had important diplomatic consequences, contributing to the rapprochement of the Principality of Rostov with the Golden Horde. In Rostov, Feodora lived for more than 16 years and gave birth to Gleb two sons - Demyan Glebovich of Beloozero, Mikhail Glebovich and, possibly also a third one: Vasili Glebovich of Beloozero and a daughter Mariya Glebovna of Beloozero. She died at the end of December 1273 and was buried in the Dormition Cathedral of Rostov by the Bishop Ignatius .


Offspring of Feodora Startakovna of Beloozero and Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero (1237-1278)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Demyan Glebovich of Beloozero (1263-c1270) 1 July 1263 1270
Mikhail Glebovich of Beloozero (1263-1293) 1263 1293 Younger Daughter of Fyodor Rostislavich (c1263-c1315)
Mariya Glebovna of Beloozero (c1264-c1300) 1264 1300 Daniil Aleksandrovich of Moscow (1261-1303)
Vasili Glebovich of Beloozero c1267-1283) 1267 1283


Offspring of Sartak Khan (c1225-1256) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Feodora Sartakovna (c1240-1273) 1240 20 December 1273 Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero (1237-1278)
Ulaghchi Khan (c1247-1257)


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