Acril family[]

Alexander family[]

Allen family[]

Ambler family[]

Archer family[]

Armistead family[]

Aylett family[]

Bacon family[]

Baker family[]

Ball family[]

Ballard family[]

Banister family[]

Bankhead family[]

Baskerville family[]

Bassett family[]

Baylor family[]

Bayham family[]

Beale family[]

Berkeley family[]

Beverley family[]

Beverly family[]

Birchett family[]

Bird family[]

Blair family[]

Bland family[]

Blow family[]

Bobbitt family[]

Bolling family[]

Booker family[]

Booth family[]

Boston family[]

  • Cmdr. Henry Boston (1620-1676), he was born in Northampton County, VA and died in Annemessex, Somerset County, Maryland, he was appointed one of eight Commissioners of Somerset County, Maryland
  • Henry Boston, Jr. (1656-), he was born in Northampton County, VA
  • Isaac Boston (c1660-), he was born in Northampton County, VA
  • Rebecca Boston (c1660-), she was born in Northampton County, VA

Bouldin family[]

Bowdoin family[]

Bowyer family[]

Bradley family[]

Branch family[]

Braxton family[]

Bray family[]

Brent family[]

Bridger family[]

Broadnaxe family[]

Brooke family[]

Browne family[]

Bryan family[]

Buckner family[]

Burley family[]

Burwell family[]

Butler family[]

Byrd family[]

  • William Bird I (1652-1704), on 27 Oct 1673 he was granted 1, 200
  • Col. William Byrd II (1674-1744), he was the Founder of the City of Richmond
  • Col. William Byrd III (1728-1777), he was a soldier with the rank of Col. of the Second Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War, he inherited his families 179,000 acres estate in Virginia
  • Hon. Charles Willing Byrd (1770-1828), he was Secretory of the Northwest Territory 1800-1803, he was Acting Governor of the Northwest Territory 1802-1803, he was Judge of the United States District Court fro District of Ohio 3 Mar 1803-25 Aug 1828

Cabell family[]

Cade family[]

Carr famly[]

Carrington family[]

Carter family[]

  • Robert "King" Carter (1662/63-1732), he was Royal Governor of Virginia 1726-1727, he was the 25th Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses 1696-1697
  • Col. Landon Carter (1710-1778), he was a planter, in 1769 he was elected to membership of the American Philosophical Society

Cary family[]

Catlett family[]

Chamberlayne family[]

Chapline family[]

  • William Chaplin (1625-1659), he was born at Chapline's Choice Plantation in Virginia and died in Calvert County, Maryland, he received 300 acres of land on Hoopers Island in Dorchester County, Maryland

Chiles family[]

Christian family[]

Churchill family[]

Claiborne family[]

Clarke family[]

Clayton family[]

Cocke family[]

Cole family[]

Coleman family[]

Coles family[]

Colston family[]

Cooper family[]

Corbin family[]

Crawford family[]

Crump family[]

Custis family[]

Dabney family[]

Dandridge family[]

Dalton family[]

Daniel family[]

Davenport family[]

Davis family[]

Dawson family[]

Digges family[]

Dulany family[]

Earle family[]

Edmunds family[]

Edwards family[]

Eggleston family[]

Eldridge family[]

Ellis family[]

Ermbry family[]

Epes/Eppes family[]

Everard family[]

Eyre family[]

Fairfax family[]

Farley family[]

Farrar family[]

Faulcon family[]

Field family[]

Fitzgerald family[]

Fitzhugh family[]

Fleming family[]

Frith family[]

Fry family[]

Goad family[]

Gooch family[]

Goode family[]

Graves family[]

Green family[]

Grymes family[]

Hacley family[]

Harriston family[]

Hansford family[]

Hardaway family[]

Hardeman family[]

Harmer/Harmar family[]

Harrison family[]

Harvie family[]

Hawkins family[]

Haynes family[]

Heath family[]

Henderson family[]

  • John Henderson (1661-1744), he was born and died in Northampton County, VA

Herbert family[]

Heth family[]

Hicks family[]

Higginson family[]

Hodges family[]

Hilliday family[]

Holmes family[]

Hooe family[]

Hopkins family[]

Howard family[]

Jefferson family[]

Jenings family[]

Jennings family[]

Johnson family[]

Jones family[]

Joynes family[]

Kemp family[]

Kennon family[]

King family[]

Lanier family[]

Lee family[]

Leftwich family[]

Lewis family[]

Lightfoot family[]

Litteton family[]

Ludwell family[]

Lyons family[]

Mallory family[]

Marshall family[]

Martin family[]

Mason family[]

Mathews family[]

Mayo family[]

McCarty family[]

Meade family[]

Mercer family[]

Meriwether family[]

Michie family[]

Minge family[]

Moore family[]

Morris family[]

Morton family[]

Mosby family[]

Moseley family[]

Munford family[]

Nash family[]

Needham family[]

Nelson family[]

Newton family[]

Nichols family[]

Nivison family[]

Noland family[]

Norvell family[]

Page family[]

Parke family[]

Parker family[]

Peachy family[]

Pegram family[]

Pendleton family[]

Penn family[]

Perry family[]

Peter family[]

Peyton family[]

Phillips family[]

Phullips family[]

Pierce family[]

Pleasant family[]

Pollard family[]

Pope family[]

Posey family[]

Powell family[]

Poythress family[]

Prentice family[]

Price family[]

Prosser family[]

Purnell family[]

  • John Purnell (1654-1741), he was born in Northampton County, VA and died in Maryland

Quinton family[]

  • Philip Quinton III (c1690-1750/51), he was born in Accomack County, VA and died in Worcester County, MD
  • Dixon Quinton I (c1715-1783), he was born in Accomack County, VA and died in Worcester County, MD
  • Abigail Quinton (c1717-), she was born in Accomack County, VA
  • Sarah Quinton (c1728-), she was born in Accomack County, VA
  • Mary Quinton (c1732-), she was born in Accomack County, VA

Randolph family[]

  • Hon. William Randolph (1650-1711), he immigrated from England and died in Virginia, he lived in Henrico County, VA, he was a Planter, Merchant and Politician, he was the 26th Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses,
  • William Randolph II (1681-1741), in 1737 he was Treasurer of Virginia
  • Hon. Thomas Randolph (1683-1729), he was a Member of the House of Burgesses
  • Isham Randolph (1687-1742), he was a planter, merchant, politician and shipmaster
  • Hon. Richard Randolph (c1691-1749), he was a Member of the House of Burgesses from 1727-1749
  • Sir Hon. John Randolph (1693-1737), he graduated from the College of William and Mary, he was the 31st Speaker of the House of Burgesses
  • Edward Randolph (1690-aft1756), he was a London tobacco merchant, he was a proprietor of 625 acres
  • Hon. William T. Randolph (1713/14-1745), he was a Member of the House of Burgesses, he was the 1st Clerk of Albemarle County

Reade family[]

Riddick family[]

Roane family[]

Robinson family[]

Rolfe family[]

- including descendants of Pocahontas (1595-1617)

Rose family[]

Royall family[]

Ruffin family[]

Russell family[]

Saunders family[]

Savage family[]

Scarborough family[]

Scarbugh family[]

Selden family[]

Settle family[]

Skelton family[]

Skepwith/Skipwith family[]

Slaughter family[]

Smith family[]

of Gloucester Co. family

Spencer family[]

Spillman family[]

Spotswood family[]

Spottswood family[]

Stanard family[]

Steptoe family[]

Stevenson family[]

Stith family[]

Stokes family[]

Studstill family[]

Sturdivant family[]

Strother family[]

Swann family[]

Syme family[]

Tabb family[]

Talbot family[]

Taliaferro family[]

Tayloe family[]

Taylor family[]

Tazewell family[]

Teryy family[]

Thronton family[]

Thorowgood family[]

Todd family[]

Travis family[]

Trent family[]

Tucker family[]

Tyler family[]

Upshaw family[]

Upshur family[]

Vaughn family[]

Venable family[]

Walker family[]

Waller family[]

Walton family[]

Wane family[]

Warde family[]

Warner family[]

Waryng family[]

Washington family[]

Watkins family[]

Webb family[]

West family[]

Westwood family[]

Whiting family[]

Wilcox family[]

Wilkins family[]

Williams family[]

Willis family[]

Willoughby family[]

Winston family[]

Wise family[]

Withers family[]

Wood family[]

Woodson family[]

Wormeley family[]

Wormley family[]

Wyatt family[]

Wythe family[]

Yardley family[]

Yates family[]

Yelverton family[]




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