This page collects information about people with surname Fiske who were known or believed to have lived in Essex County, Massachusetts.

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:Note, for the following tables, that there may be more than one county or district of this name and that some contributors may have entered a different (possibly shorter and/or ambiguous) name when this one was meant. Search for similar names to get a more complete result. Common abbreviations are "Co." and "Cty", but there may have been no word for "county" (or equivalent) included, or such a word may have been wrongly included.

Familypedia people with surname Fiske in Essex County, Massachusetts

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Born in Essex County, Massachusetts

 Birth placeBirth dateFatherMotherJoined with-g1
Mary Fiske (1655-1695)Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts1655Thomas Fiske (1630-1707)Joanna White (1632-)John Perkins (1654-1716)

Baptised in Essex County, Massachusetts

Married in Essex County, Massachusetts

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 Birth placeBaptism placeWedding1 dateWedding1 placeJoined with-g1
Mary Fiske (1655-1695)Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts1 January 1676Wenham, Essex County, MassachusettsJohn Perkins (1654-1716)
Thomas Fiske (1630-1707)Wingfield, Suffolk, England1650Wenham, Essex County, MassachusettsJoanna White (1632-)
 Birth placeBaptism placeWedding2 dateWedding2 placeJoined with-g2
David Fiske (1623-1710)Westerly, Suffolk, England6 September 1655Ipswich, Essex County, MassachusettsSeaborn Wilson (1635-1721)

Died in Essex County, Massachusetts

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 Death dateDeath placeBirth placeFatherMotherJoined with
David Fiske (1601-1662)22 January 1662Wenham, Essex County, MassachusettsWesterly, Suffolk, EnglandJeffrey Fiske (1558-1629)Mary Sarah Cooke (1568-1614)Sarah Smith (1602-1660)
Mary Fiske (1655-1695)9 October 1695Wenham, Essex County, MassachusettsWenham, Essex County, MassachusettsThomas Fiske (1630-1707)Joanna White (1632-)John Perkins (1654-1716)
Thomas Fiske (1630-1707)15 August 1707Wenham, Essex County, MassachusettsWingfield, Suffolk, EnglandPhineas Fiske (1593-1673)Sarah Francis (1596-1659)Joanna White (1632-)

Buried in Essex County, Massachusetts