Five Mile Branch - Located at Five Mile Creek, Perry (now Hale) , Alabama, United States.

They were part of the contingent of Dixie Saints that joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and formed small branches in Mississippi and Alabama. In 1846 many of these left their extended family and followed prophet Brigham Young (1801-1877) and the church to Salt Lake Valley.

This is an informal census based on currently available genealogical information to help their descendants to better understand and appreciate their ancestral roots.

Because of their experience with farming cotton in the Deep South, many of this groups were called to participate in the Mormon Cotton mission to settle Washington County, Utah and raise cotton there from 1850-1868. Afterwards many moved further south to help establish Mormon settlements in Arizona and pursue their warm-weather farming talents there.

Branch History[]

1844 Branch start[]

Several visitations here in early 1844 by missionary John Brown (1820-1896). Formal branch organized here in Febr/March 1844 with Henry Horn as presiding elder, Geo. McFarland (priest) and Jonathan Averett (teacher).

  • 4th March 1844, John Brown baptizes three new members here; Ceny Johnson, Irena and Nancy Horn.
  • 24th March 1844, John Brown baptizes two more; Polly Stewart and Martin Averett.

Vital Records[]

MormonPlaces BYU Register[]

  • See Also Mormon Places #481199 - Five Mile Branch
  • STARTED: 29 Feb 1844? organized by John Brown
  • ENDED: between 8 Mar 1845 and 1847
  • SEE ALSO: John Brown Journal (SOURCE PART: p.19, 24) - John Brown baptized several here starting in September 1843, organized a branch Feb 29 1844
  • SEE ALSO: T&S 5:12, 573 - 17 members, 3 priesthood, 12 April 1844
  • SEE ALSO: T&S 5:20, 702 - John Brown organized a second branch in Perry County during 1843-1844
  • SEE ALSO: T&S 6:5, 843-844 - 22 members, 4 priesthood, 15 Feb 1845
  • SEE ALSO: Alabama 1845 - 19 members, 4 priesthood, summer or fall 1845
  • SEE ALSO: AO Smoot Journal 1 (SOURCE PART: p.227, 228, 232, 234, 237, 238) - A.O. Smoot visits several times in 1845: Feb 2, March 6, April 10, April 18

1845 Census[]