Advanced form: Enter information about a person using this page. Familypedia's form will help you enter what is known about the ancestor. You may return to the form at any time to correct or add information. Narrative text for the article is not added in the form, but is instead added later using Familypedia's free form word processor. After saving the form, please use the "edit this page" menu item to enter into the word processor so that you may add pictures, headings and format the text as you wish.

The following examples illustrate the naming convention for person articles. Refer to the document above for details and further explanation.

Gladys Jean Edmonds (1911-1975) Typical article name
Bridget Scrope (c1546-) Names may omit middle name and year of death. Do not include question-marks or square or curly brackets anywhere. For "before", "circa", or "after", use bef, c, or aft with no space before the year.
Enrique I de Inglaterra (1068-1135) (.es) Non-English articles use language codes. Articles for people with wikipedia articles must use the name used for the article for that language followed by Familypedia's parenthetical date(s).
Иван Лемзин (1941) (.ru) Names should use characters corresponding to the page language.

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