We've run into a problem with an article that I know was created, but which not displays as a blank page, with no history.

I know his was previously created because I worked with the author on that particular article. Plus:

When you search for the article, its name pops up as:

William COWAN (1750-1809)‎ (37,023 bytes)

2: ...loat:right;padding:5px;border:0px solid;">Cowan crest.jpg|left]]

6: The content of this page contributed by: Margie Cowan
11: ...&GSdyrel=all&GSst=45&GSob=n&GRid=7073051& William Cowan's DAR Marker], Maryville, Blount Co., TN
16: ...rior to 1756. Many think that his father was John Cowan, though the basis for this is not clear. It is wo...
25: .... It is reasonable that one or the other could be William's father. (See "Research" below).

Thus it shows in the search function as a substantial 37K article, and has entries with line numbers where the search function picked up specific lines in the article.

When you click the link to the article, you end up on a blank page, with no history. Checking the Deleted Pages file, a page with the right name appears there, at 37KB, but again, there's no deletion history (hence nothing there that can be recovered, despite the fact that it says its 37KB.

Any suggestions, or is this something we need to kick up to the Wikia level. Bill 20:11, 1 April 2007 (UTC)