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I was passing by and noticed 4 bars at the bottom of the Showperson infobox. I removed the cause of this anomaly. If any of you have articles with descendants or pedigree or ahnentafel subpages, you might want to spot check a few of your articles to make sure the click message shows up properly. The fix seemed to work ok on them, but if not drop me an example problem page on my talk page. -~ Phlox 23:34, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Thank you, I think. You used to complain that I used too few words. Maybe you can explain a few of these: "removed the cause", "click message", "fix", "work ok", "them", and "problem page". — Robin Patterson (Talk) 08:38, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
To illustrate, look at the article Rebecca Jackson (1697-1761). At the bottom of the infobox, the link "View ahnentafel of this individual" appears. Additionally, 3 other lines could appear "View descendants of this individual", "View pedigree of this individual" and "View ancestors of this individual". The text only appears is there is a corresponding subpage of the main article. So if Rebecca Jackson (1697-1761)/ahnentafel exists, the text appears, if it doesn't no box should appear. The bug was that although the text was not appearing, a line was appearing. So everybody was getting 4 extra lines at the bottom of their infoboxes when they shouldn't have gotten any. I removed the cause of that. (For template writers, the bug was that if you are creating a table element inside an If statement, you have to use the {{!}} template when you need a bar for a table element.) I found pages that have ahnentafel subpages so that part tested ok. If anyone has descendants, pedigree or ancestors subpages, they might want to check to see that they work properly. They probably do, but I could have erred in my typing. -~ Phlox 16:01, 27 April 2009 (UTC)