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(Opening contribution copied (subject to tiny edits) from my talk page. --- Robin Patterson (Talk to me)}

Articles on members of a family are tagged in a category for the family name, e.g. Category:Smith family. However there are inconsistencies. In some categories family starts with a capital F, in others with a lower case f, i.e. you could have Category:Smith family and Category:Miller Family.

If you would like to have a unified system, it would be wise to do so while there are still relatively few such categories.

You could take following decisions:

  1. Leave things as they are, not minding the inconsistency. No further action would then be necessary.
  1. Prefer a unified approach with one of the two alternatives which should be generally applied. In this case, the categories which do not comply with the recommended solution should be changed accordingly. As far as the old unrecommended categories are concerned you could advise that the old, incorrect version be deleted, or that a categoryredirect label be posted.

I have no preference but would like to know what I should do. Regards. Andrei Filotti Afil 01:26, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

I would say that here should not be a capital "f" in "family" there. Wikipedia and Wikia standard for category (and other page) names is "sentence case", where only proper nouns (e.g. Smith) are capitalized. So we should use {{Category redirect}} on the capitalized ones. (Incidentally, I don't encourage the creation of such categories. WHICH Smith family?? If Wikipedia has one we should, but unless it is very long it might be best redirected to the surname category.) --- Robin Patterson (Talk to me) 01:45, March 9, 2011 (UTC)