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If you can spare half an hour to make a definite improvement in the wiki, please go to Category:Non-SMW people articles. I've done the question-marks in the first 200 (except for some horrors at the start).

Click to get the "Next 200" and look for question-marks in page names. If that batch is clear, try "Next 200", please! (If you need to go further, someone has been doing great work! It could be time to note on the category talk page just how far we have cleared.)

Open those articles and rename so as to:

  • delete the question-marks in dates
  • replace by "Unknown" those that stand for people's names.

If any are "(?-?)", look at the article to see whether children or parents can give a clue about birth date then substitute your best guess.

Check the "leave redirect" and "subpages" boxes.

The reason for choosing that category is that the renaming won't cause any problems if they are done before upgrading. Once those pages are upgraded to SMW, they will probably take more work.

If you feel like a change of scene, please upgrade a few of the corrected articles or any others that look interesting! The category page has a link to the upgrade instructions.

Thanks, folks!

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 09:41, November 10, 2015 (UTC)