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In Flickr and Facebook, it is possible to indicate who is who in an image. Take a look at:

Group photo example
Census example

Hover your mouse over the image and you will see annotations complete with links to articles for the individuals. As some of you know, this was possible in the past using the "imagemap" feature. This is different because users are able to annotate images by simply clicking the "add a note" button under the image (for this version, Firefox and Opera users will have edit capability, Internet Explorer users will have to wait until version 2).

  • Update to version 2 will happen late October, early November, with localization work done after.
  • Images can contain SMW information. For ease of use, the help text will suggest [[person:: xxxx]] and [[object:: xxxx]] (See the example for census to see the sort of format suggested to users for unknown people. The approach of disambiguating names in advance by adding suffixes in parents- eg birth state. When someone shows up to claim the person, they capture these links by creating redirect pages.)

This tool was created at Commons. All I did was use a heavy crowbar to get it to work on Familypedia. (Mostly banging it about the head until it was too senseless to resist any further). You must have javascript enabled. I anyone uses other browsers, please report whether it does or doesn't work ok. Thanks.~ Phlox 18:32, September 13, 2009 (UTC)