The page counter from Commerce55 was nicked from the front page of I'll plug my own efforts: I wouldn't have ever found this site had I not been involved with List of Wikia by User Zephyrinus.

I tried to sign up for an account with Commerce55 but was unable to find a root directory. When I googled Commerce55 I found only a couple hits. So, I hacked Commerce55 and found a demonstration or sample directory which acted similarly as if I had opened an account. I wasn't able to reset the counter at all.

The/This hacked counter will work similarly with the War Wikia counter PROVIDED no one else from the World Wide Web attempts the same hack as I did OR an actual user from Commerce55 attempts to use the demonstration/sample directory. If this happens, the counter we use here will increase. Since I only had a couple hits on google, I don't expect this will be a problem; additionally, this will be normalised the more we use this counter - in other words, we should throw out statistics for any day, week or month which has abnormally high hits.

I recommend(ed) that we contact Jack Phoenix, the administrator of the War Wikia, to see if he has any insights into opening an actual account with Commerce55 rather than relying on the hack I have provided. I do not know if any contacts with Jack have been attempted or not.


Zephyrinus/Natalis 00:39, 12 April 2007 (UTC)