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I just joined familypedia and want to contribute my research and connect to other trees. I have used the exact place-names of occurrences, such as Massachusetts Bay Colony, Province of Massachusetts Bay, New Haven Colony, British America before 1776 rather than USA, etc. Should I retain these names or should I enter just the current county, state, and USA in order that I conform to what others have entered.

Thanks for your help



Hello, Warren! Please, when entering place names in the four standard fields for each event in Form:Person, try to use the current (usually Wikipedia's) names. That should ensure that your people will appear on the appropriate "/bdm" subpages for the places. Where the place had a different name, we encourage contributors to enter that in the less formal "Other places" field, which comes after the nation field; that will then appear in parentheses in the mini-biography and will be searchable. see Help:Place for links to some relevant pages. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 09:09, December 13, 2015 (UTC)