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Several years ago (late 1990s), I did a bit of genealogical research using The Master Genealogist. Not sure how to quantify the amount of research.. perhaps 300+ names, but I honestly don't remember.

In the meantime, I switched to Mac (no TMG version on Mac) and moved to Japan (can't easily do any original research from here), and got "busy" with the rest of life.

BUT, somewhere, I have my old old TMG data, not in GEDCOM format.

Though I'm expecting a chorus of silence for an answer (heck, I'm not willing to spend the time on my own data! ;-) I wonder if anyone, as a labor of love, would like to

  1. receive a copy of my old old TMG data
  2. import it into your copy of The Master Genealogist
    • this would likely require update of the data to new format, but I think TMG will do this automagically
  3. export it to GEDCOM
  4. upload the GEDCOM data to this site
  5. profit!

Oh wait, there's no profit involved, but lemme know if this sounds like fun!

If I recall correctly, Surnames include Nugen, Cole, Foley from Virginia area in 1800s and Trichel from Louisiana from similar timeframe.

Thunderrabbit 02:47, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

I use only Family Tree Maker. And I'm not sure of the latest developments in converting GEDCOMs here. (I noticed your edit summary saying you had trouble finding a page - the page with the trailing "s" in its name is the only "See also" link on the GEDCOM page.) Good luck! Robin Patterson 04:47, 10 August 2008 (UTC)