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There has been a main sidebar link called "Info article template" that displays edit mode of a fairly intimidating looking template. This sort of thing sends the wrong message to our visitors on the level of sophistication needed to use this site.

The people who know why they want to use this sort of link are users that can and should use the sidebar widget for displaying a wiki page in the sidebar. You just put the links you want on the page, and presto it always appears on the sidebar. If you go to Special:Widgets, click the icon for Wiki page in widget then set the page to User:Phlox/tree_sidebar, you will get a demo. By the way, we may soon use this facility for navigating favorite ancestors.

In any case, folks can stick links that assist in their workflow there. It appears just below the main sidebar (that is, if the main list is not cluttered with superfluous intimidating links like "Info article template". ~ Phlox 17:17, 25 July 2009 (UTC)