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We are getting a few pages and categories referring to States and territories of India. Most of the states etc don't have articles yet. The one that does have a substantial page copied from Wikipedia shows that we're not ready to do that for them all. Its infobox is horrible, and the template near the bottom, noting territorial disputes, has dozens of red links (which I mentioned on another forum a few minutes ago).

I propose to give them all a brief place-filler, with links to templates and other relevant pages. See the first one at Tamil Nadu.

Code is simple and requires only a few words of geographic location for the introductory sentence in the model (easy if the editor has a small map handy). There will be some red links, their number gradually reducing.

Model (originally copied exactly from Tamil Nadu) is this:

{{alsoWP}}{{commonscat}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a state on the east coast of the southern tip of [[India]].

==See also==
*[[Districts of {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Maps of districts of {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Geography of {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Resided in {{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[:Category:Settlements in {{PAGENAME}}]]
==External links==

{{States and territories of India}}

[[category:{{PAGENAME}}| ]]
[[category:States and territories of India]]

Anything else easy and worth putting in before someone does the lot?

Robin Patterson (Talk)