Dr. Francis Brewster was born 1598 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England to Francis Brewster (1556-1632) and Elizabeth Snelling (1568-1638) and died 1647 Lamberton's Phantom Ship, Atlantic Ocean of Lost at sea. He married Lucretia Jones (1599-1669) 5 September 1624 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

Vital Stats[]

  • Son of Francis Brewster Sr (1556-1632) and Elizabeth Snelling (1563-1638)
  • 1598 : Birth at Castle Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
  • 1618 (Est) : Marriage in England
  • 1638 : Migration to America
  • 1646-Jan : Died Lamberton's Ship at Sea


Francis Brewster of London, probably came to New Haven in 1638 in the party of Eaton and Davenport.

Per Sibley, in his Harvard Graduates, Francis and his wife Lucy have family of nine heads.

1646 The Phantom Ship[]

1646, Francis Brewster was one of the passengers on the ill-fated ship built in New Haven and sailing under Captain Lamberton, the loss at sea is said to have been disclosed to the anxious inhabitants through the apparition of the phantom ship.

This shipwreck was made famous in a poem be Henry Longfellow:

Marriage & Family[]

Married to Lucretia "Lucy" Jones. Mrs. Lucy Brewster, married 2nd Dr. Thomas Pell and died in 1669.

  1. Nathaniel Brewster (1620-1690) - m. 1) Abigail Reymes and m. 2) Sarah Ludlow, born in England and settled on Long Island.
  2. Elizabeth Brewster (1621-1690)
  3. Hannah Brewster (1622-)
  4. Mary Brewster (1630-)
  5. Francis Brewster


Offspring of Dr. Francis Brewster and Lucretia Jones (1599-1669)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Nathaniel Brewster (1620-1690) 1620 England, United Kingdom 18 December 1690 Long Island, New York, United States Abigail Reymes (1621-1654)
Sarah Ludlow (1625-1665)
Elizabeth Brewster (1621-1690)
Hannah Brewster (1622-)
Mary Brewster (1630-)
Frances Brewster (c1632-)