Fyodor Andreyevich of Starodub (Фёдор Андреевич), Prince of Starodub (Vladimir), was born 1372 to Andrei Fyodorovich of Starodub (c1320-1380) and died 1440 of unspecified causes.

Fyodor Andreevich - the eighth appanage Prince of Starodub (Vladimir) from a branch of the Rurikids , the second son of the appanage Princes of Starodub (Vladimir) Andei Fyodorovich, inherited the principality about 1380 and ruled it, by all likelihood, until the end of the first quarter of the XV century.


There is almost no information about the life of Fyodor Andreevich. When he was in 1410, the Tatars on the way back from the defeated and plundered Vladimir in passing took Starodub. The territory of the principality he owned was significantly reduced by parts that had passed to his brothers, and after his death, it was even more fragmented between his children. However, Fyodor Andreyevich is the successor of the branch of Princes of Starodub (Vladimir) proper, since the offspring of all his brothers bore other names and nicknames.


Offspring of Fyodor Andreyevich of Starodub (Фёдор Андреевич) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Fyodor Fyodorovich of Starodub (c1390-c1445) 1390 1445
Vasili Fyodorovich Romodanovsky (c1410-c1465) 1410 1465
Ivan Fyodorovich Lapin-Golibesovsky (c1395-c1450) 1395 1450



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