Fyodor Olegovich of Ryazan was born 1360 to Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan (1335-1402) and died 1427 of unspecified causes. He married Sofya Dmitriyevna of Ryazan (c1373-1427) .

Fyodor Olgovich (died 1427) - Grand Duke of Ryazan ( 1402 - 1427 ), son of the Grand Prince of Ryazan Oleg Ivanovich .


After the death of his father, Prince Oleg Ivanovich, Fyodor in 1402 went with presents to the Horde . Having received a jarlig for the Grand Principality of Ryazan from Khan Shadibek , Fedor returned to Ryazan , becoming the ruler of the entire Grand Principality of Ryazan [1].

Having established peaceful relations with the Horde, Fyodor strove to maintain and strengthen peace with the Grand Principality of Moscow. Fyodor himself was married to Dmitri Donskoy's daughter in 1386 , in 1400 Fyodor's daughter married Ivan Vladimirovich, the son of Vladimir the Brave Ivan .

In 1402, Fyodor concluded an agreement with the Grand Prince Vasily Dmitrievich , his uncle Vladimir Andreevich, and brothers Yuri , Andrew and Peter . In accordance with this agreement Fedor recognized Vasily I as his elder brother, Vladimir Andreevich and Yury Dmitrievich as equal brothers, Andrew and Peter - younger brothers. In addition, Fedor had the right to send ambassadors to the Horde and receive the Horde ambassadors, but only on condition that the Grand Duke of Moscow be notified of this. In the event of a conflict with the Horde, Fyodor, according to the contract, had to act in concert with the Moscow prince. According to the treaty, the boundaries between the Moscow and Ryazan principalities remained unchanged (with the exception of some Meshchersky lands that had retired to Moscow). In addition, the document confirmed the establishment of good-neighborly relations between Fedor and prince princes.

During his reign Fyodor Olegovich was repeatedly compelled to repel attacks by the Horde (in 1405 , 1411 and 1426 ). Fyodor also bought from his Lithuanian captivity his brother Rodoslav for 3000 rubles.

In 1408, an armed struggle broke out between Fyodor Olegovich and prince Prince Ivan Vladimirovich . Pronsky prince, returning from the Horde, with the support of the Horde troops attacked the possessions of Fyodor. Fyodor was forced to flee for the Oka. Ivan Vladimirovich captured the great Ryazan prince. Vasili I sent to the aid of Fyodor his governor, who were defeated by Ivan on the river Smidva . Ivan Vladimirovich , despite the success, did not consider it necessary to continue the struggle. Soon, with the mediation of Basil I, peace was concluded between Fyodor Olgovich and Ivan Vladimirovich .

Fyodor Olgovich died in 1427, according to other versions - in 1409 or 1429.


Father : Oleg Ivanovich (died 1402) - Grand Duke of Ryazan (1350-1402).

Wife (from 1386): Sophia is the daughter of Dmitry Donskoy [2].

Children :

  • Vasilisa Fyodorovna of Ryazan (c1389-c1410) the wife (since 1400) of Ivan Vladimirovich[3]
  • Vasili Fyodorovich of Ryazan (c1392-1407)
  • Ivan Fyodorovich of Ryazan (c1395-1456) Grand Prince of Ryazan (1427-1456).


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Offspring of Fyodor Olegovich of Ryazan and Sofya Dmitriyevna of Ryazan (c1373-1427)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasilisa Fyodorovna of Ryazan (c1389-c1410)
Vasili Fyodorovich of Ryazan (c1392-1407)
Ivan Fyodorovich of Ryazan (c1395-1456)


#g1: Offspring of Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan (1335-1402) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Fyodor Olegovich of Ryazan (c1360-1427) 1360, 1427, Sofya Dmitriyevna of Ryazan (c1373-1427)


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Fyodor Olegovich
Born: 1360 Died: 1427
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Oleg Ivanovich
Grand Prince of Ryazan
Succeeded by
Ivan Vladimirovich
Preceded by
Ivan Vladimirovich
Grand Prince of Ryazan
Succeeded by
Ivan Fyodorovich