Georg Heinrich Bürde was born 16 April 1796 in Berlin, Germany to Samuel Gottlieb Bürde (1753-1831) and died 17 October 1865 Berlin, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Henriette Luise Despange (1803-1880) 24 March 1824 .

Georg Heinrich Bürde (born April 16, 1796 in Berlin, died October 16, 1865 in Berlin) was a German architect , building contractor and Prussian building officer who worked in Berlin.


Burde was the son of the poet and councilor Samuel Gottlieb Burde. He initially served as a young soldier in the German Campaign of 1813. In 1817 he passed an exam as a surveyor and in 1818 began building the Berlin theater. After completing his studies at the Berlin Bauakademie, he worked as a construction manager and a student of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. From 1824 he worked as a master builder and from 1832 as a building inspector in Berlin. On May 9, 1844, he was appointed cathedral construction manager, a task that he carried out until 1847. He also worked since 1845 in the Cathedral Building Commission and in the Ministerial Building Commission. In 1849 he came to the head office and from 1852 was head of special building projects in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior. In March 1849, he was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle fourth class.


Bürde married Henriette Luise Despang on March 24, 1824.

His daughter Katarina married painter Paul Bürde, the son of his brother Ernst, in 1856. His son Emil married Jenny Ney. Friedrich Leopold Bürde was an animal painter and professor at the Berlin Academy, [5] was also a son of Samuel Gottlieb Bürde and his 2nd wife Christiane Emilie Bertram.


Participation in Schinkel buildings

  • 1818–1821: Playhouse
  • 1824–1825: Artillery and Engineering School Unter den Linden, no longer available today
  • 1824–1830: Old Museum
  • 1832–1835: Berlin Building Academy

Other buildings

  • 1830–1840 and 1861–1864: extensions and modernization for the mint in Unterwasserstraße, today the Foreign Office is located there
  • 1829–1831: New four-storey storage building for the Packhof , no longer available today
  • 1838–1846: Extensions for the city court, at the corner of Königstrasse and Jüdenstrasse , no longer available today
  • 1848–1849: Conversion of the Hardenberg Palace into a meeting and business building for the Prussian House of Representatives , no longer available today
  • 1851: The Mendelssohn House was converted into a Prussian manor house , no longer available today
  • 1862–1864: Fundamental renovation of the Palais am Festungsgraben together with Hermann von der Hude
  • 1867: Luisenstiftung in Markgrafenstrasse, no longer available today


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Offspring of Georg Heinrich Bürde and Henriette Luise Despange (1803-1880)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Emil Bürde (1828-1899) 1828 1899 Jenny Ney (1824-1886)
Klara Bürde (1831-1864) 1831 1864 NN Alsleben
Richard Bürde (1834-c1910) 1834 1910
Katarina Bürde (1837-1917) 1 July 1837 Berlin, Germany 5 March 1917 Berlin, Germany Paul Eduard Maximilian Bürde (1830-1874)


Offspring of Samuel Gottlieb Bürde (1753-1831) and Christiane Emilie Bertram (c1765-1800)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Friedrich Leopold Bürde (1792-1849) 1792 Wrocław, Lower Silesian Voivedeship, Poland 1849 Janette Milder (1792-c1860)
Ernst Bürde (1794-1869) 1794 Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland 1869 Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland Pauline Rambach (1798-1855)
Georg Heinrich Bürde (1796-1865) 16 April 1796 Berlin, Germany 17 October 1865 Berlin, Germany Henriette Luise Despange (1803-1880)
August Bürde(1797-c1800) 1797 1800
Emilie Bürde (1798-c1830) 8 February 1798 1830


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