George Carr was born 15 August 1599 in London, England to William Kerr (1562-1598) and Mary Ann Clifford (1573-1610) and died 4 April 1682 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Oliver (1624-1691) 1641 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.


George Carr, Immigrant, was born 1599 in London, England and died 1682 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. George's brother Richard arrived in the "Abigail" in 1635 aged 29 years.) Supposedly George was in Ipswich in 1633 and had a house lot there in 1635. George received grants in the first division of Salisbury in 1640, 1641, and 1644.

Carr's Island

The town granted him "Carr's Island" in 1640 and he established a ferry there in 1641. In 1662 he was to have a common right in Amesbury when any of his sons came to live there and he received land in Amesbury in 1668."3d (12th) mo Also att ye same meeting it was ordered 1650 yt all whose names are here under written, shalbe accompted townesmen & Comoners, & none butt them, to this prsent, that is to say.. Georg Carr" "Mr Wosters rate for 30ls: the 25: of December 1650. George Carr 16/6."George's tax to pay the minister decreased to 15/7 in 1652.

Salisbury Town Lot

In 1657 Samuel Hall sold his 100 acre farm to the town of Salisbury and in 1665 the town sold the lots: "Names of those that paid ye purchase of Mr. Hall's farm, with each man's proportion and The no. of the lots in Mr. Hall's farm belonging to each person... Lot No. 12 Mr: Carr £ 2 5/7."(6) Elizabeth OLIVER1150 was born on 12 April 1624 in Bristol, Gloucaster, England. She was christened on 12 April 1624 in St. Stephan's, London, London, England. She died on 6 May 1691 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Elizabeth has Ancestral File Number 8K86-C0. She was buried in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Marriage & Family

He married Elizabeth 1682 and to this union was born 10 children. Source Essex co, Massachusetts probate records vol/page IX p 98 Elizabeth was born 1624 in Bristol ,Gloucester, England and died 1691 Salisbury, Essex, England. She married George Carr and to this union was born 10 children. She was the daughter of Thomas Oliver and Ann Purchase. Source as above

Children were: Elizabeth CARR, George W. CARR, Richard CARR, William CARR, Sarah CARR, John CARR, Richard CARR, Ann CARR, James CARR, Mary CARR.- all children born in Salisbury VIII. John- b. 14 Nov. 1656, d.s.p. 26 Sept. 1689. John is the one whom the aged Mrs. Bradbury was convicted of bewitching in 1692, so that he became crazed and prematurely died. His brother William's testimony at the trial shows that the proposed match of John and Jemima True was broken off by his father and John became melancholy and at times insane. The Carr family furnishes the connection with the Salem witch trials as Mary's husband James Bailey was the first minister in Danvers and her youngest sister Ann married Thomas Putnam and played a major role in the witchcraft trials (their daughter Ann was one of the most active "afflicted children").

Marriage and Family

  1. Elizabeth Carr (1642-1692)
  2. George Carr (1644-1682)
  3. Richard Carr (1646-1649)
  4. William Carr (1648-1715)
  5. James Carr (1650-1726)
  6. Mary Carr (1651-1688) - her husband, Reverend James Bayley (1650-1706), was a significant figure in the history of the Salem witch trials
  7. Sarah Carr (1654-1700)
  8. John Carr (1656-1689)
  9. Richard Carr (1659-1727)
  10. Ann Carr (1661-1699) - she and her husband were wrongfully accused of witchcraft in Salem witch trials.


Offspring of George Carr and Elizabeth Oliver (1624-1691)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Carr (1642-1692)
George Carr (1644-1685)
Richard Carr (1646-1649)
William Carr (1648-1726)
James Carr (1650-1726)
Mary Carr (1651-1688) 24 February 1651 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 28 October 1688 Killingworth, New London County, Connecticut James Bayley (1650-1706)
Sarah Carr (1654-1700)
John Carr (1656-1689) 14 November 1656 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 25 December 1689 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Richard Carr (1659-1727) 2 April 1659 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 11 September 1727 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Unknown (c1660-c1682) Dorothy Boyce (1659-1694) Elizabeth Unknown (c1660-c1682) Dorothy Boyce (1659-1694) Sarah Healey (1662-1727)
Ann Carr (1661-1699) 15 June 1661 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 8 June 1699 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Thomas Putnam, Jr. (1652-1699)




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