George Gordon was born 15 January 1743 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States to John George Gordon (c1706-c1767) and Sarah Chapman (1707-1795) and died 1800 of unspecified causes. He married Sarah Herndon (1754-1842) .

Charles and George and their widowed mother moved to Wilkes County, North Carolina, in 1770 (according to George's headstone) or about 1774 (according to the family website).

George was born near Fredericksburg in 1743. He moved in 1770 from Virginia to what was then known as Mulberry Fields, the present site of Wilkesboro North Carolina. He fought in The Revolutionary War in Lenoir's Rangers. He is listed in orders from the then Captain William Lenoir to Colonel Ben J. Cleaveland as being among a company of fifty Light Horse to take a ton of lead from Creswell Mines to Salisbury. The orders are dated June 10th 1780. He also appears in a list of men that went to "the Old Store and to the Catawba" in February 1781.[1] Afterward he acquired large landholdings. They were buried at their house site, and moved to the graveyard of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina


Offspring of George Gordon and Sarah Herndon (1754-1842)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Gordon (1777)
John Gordon (1779) 1779 Philadelphia Herndon (c1779)
Nancy Gordon (c1780) 1780 Virginia, USA Nathaniel Charles Gordon (1764-1812)
Mary Gordon (c1781)
Philadelphia Gordon (c1783)
Nathaniel Gordon (1784-1829) 1 May 1784 31 January 1829 Sarah H. Gwyn (1798-1889)
Sarah Chapman Gordon (c1786)
Rebecca Gordon (c1788)

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