Gerarda van Steen was born 9 May 1822 in Sassenheim, South Holland, Netherlands to Johannes van Steen (1782-1824) and Marijtje Meijer (1792-1830) and died 3 June 1893 Warmond, South Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. She married Leendert Bakker (1825-1866) 25 April 1849 in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands. She married Johannes Brama (1822-1882) 9 September 1877 in Voorhout, South Holland, Netherlands.

Early Life

Gerarda van Steen was born on 9 May 1822 in Sassenheim, South Holland. Her parents were Johannes van Steen (1782-1824), a farm labourer and his wife Marijtje Meijer (1792-1830). Gerarda had an older brother, Cornelius.

On 3 January 1824 Johannes van Steen died, aged 41. Marijtje remarried on 4 May 1828 to Cornelius Romijn (1800-1887), a farmer. Marijtje also worked as a farmer, and Gerarda soon gained a half-sister, Joanna Romijn, born in 1829. A month later, Marijtje's mother, Gerarda Zeestraten died in Voorhout.

On 17 January 1830 Marijtje Meijer died, aged 37. This made Gerarda an orphan at 7, but she was cared for by her stepfather Cornelius Romijn, and the pair remained close.

First Marriage

Gerarda married Leendert Bakker (1825-1866) on 25 April 1849 in Leiden. Leendert was a milk seller. Like Gerarda, both of his parents had died. The couple had 8 children. They remained in Leiden for 17 years until Leendert's death.


Offspring of Leendert Bakker (1825-1866) and Gerarda van Steen
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johanna Gerarda Bakker (1850-1850)
Johannes Cornelis Bakker (1851-) 18 August 1851 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 29 January 1930 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands Johanna Magdalena Foppen (1850-1907)
Johanna Cornelia Bakker (1854-1888) 20 September 1854 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 5 October 1888 Warmond, South Holland, Netherlands Hendrikus Elfering (1847-)
Maria Cornelia Bakker (1856-1932) 19 April 1856 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 25 January 1932 Warmond, South Holland, Netherlands Cornelius van Velzen (1854-1936)
Leonardus Gerardus Bakker (1858-1945) 19 February 1858 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 16 June 1945 Hillegom, South Holland, Netherlands Antonia Burgers (c1856-)
Catharina Paardekooper
Anna Maria Does (c1861-1951)
Petrus Bakker (1859-1940) 14 November 1859 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 22 October 1940 Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands Geertrudis Meskers (1860-)
Agatha Clasina Bakker (1861-1864)
Jacoba Johanna Bakker (1864-)

Second Marriage

After Leendert died aged 40 on 16 June 1866, Gerarda moved to Lisse. On 9 September 1877 in Voorhout Gerarda married Johannes Brama (1822-1882). Johannes, a labourer, had lost his wife, Agnes Warmenhoven. Gerarda's stepfather Cornelius Romijn was a witness at both of her marriages. Johannes and Gerarda settled in Voorhout for the next five years.

Later Life

Johannes died in Voorhout on 5 November 1882 aged 60. Gerarda died in Warmond on 3 June 1893 aged 71.




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