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Gisela von Schweinfurt was born on an unknown date to Otto von Schweinfurt (?-1057) and Irmingard di Torino (?-?) . She married Arnold III. von Dießen (c1050-c1096) . Charlemagne (747-814).

There is substantial uncertainty about her husband (who may be two or three people rolled into one) and his children. Berthold and Tuta are probably Gisela's, but the identity of Otto's mother is less certain. Gebhard and Dietrich may have been her sons too. Otto, Gebhard and Dietrich may have been Gisela's son from an earlier marriage to an otherwise unknown Heinrich.


Offspring of Arnold III. von Dießen (c1050-c1096) and Gisela von Schweinfurt
Name Birth Death Joined with
Berthold I. von Andechs (c1064-1151) 1064 27 June 1151 Sophie von Istrien (?-1132)
Kunigunde von Formbach (?-?)
Tuta von Dießen (c1065-c1112) 1065 1112
Otto V. von Wassserburg (c1066-1112) 1066 3 November 1112 Iringisheim

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