Gleb Svyatoslavich of was born 1353 to Svyatoslav Ivanovich of Smolensk (c1325-1386) and died 12 August 1399 Battle of the Vorskla River (1399) of Killed in battle.

Gleb Svyatoslavich Grand Duke of Smolensk 1392 - 1395 Predecessor Svyatoslav Ivanovich Successor Roman Mikhailovich (Prince of Bryansk)

Worship Orthodoxy Birth 1355 Death August 12, 1399 Genus Rurikovichi Father Svyatoslav Ivanovich Children Dmitry and Ivan Glebovichi Gleb Svyatoslavich (about 1355 - 1399 ) - the Grand Duke of Smolensk ( 1392 - 1395 ), the eldest son of Svyatoslav Ivanovich Smolensky .

Biography In 1386 Gleb participated in the battle with the Lithuanians at the Battle of the River Vehra was taken prisoner and taken to Lithuania . In 1389 , when Vytautas, after an unsuccessful attempt to take possession of Vilna, was forced to leave Lithuania and seek refuge with the Teutonic Order , Gleb was transferred along with some members of the Vitovt family to the Master of the Teutonic Order as a Lithuanian hostage, but was later released.

In 1392 Gleb Svyatoslavich was appointed prince of Smolensk.

In 1395 Gleb was in Smolensk. This year Vitovt dismissed the rumor that he was going to go to Tamerlane , and he appeared with a strong army under the walls of Smolensk, where the princes Gleb and Yuri Svyatoslavich argued among themselves about the right to the principality of Smolensk.

Gleb and his boyars came to the Lithuanian camp and was friendly received by Vytautas, who declared that he wanted to mediate between the princes of Smolensk and would like to reconcile them. The princes appeared to the Lithuanian prince with all the noblest boyars, so that in the unlocked city there was not a single voevoda or guard. As soon as the princes entered the tent of Vytautas, the latter declared them as his captives, and the city was easily occupied by the Lithuanians. Gleb received for the estate Polonnoe in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and fell in battle with the Horde on the banks of the Battle of the Vorskla River in 1399 .

Children: Dmitri (the ancestor of the princes of Zhizhma and Solomiretsky ) and Ivan (the ancestor of the princes of the Korkodins ).


Offspring of Svyatoslav Ivanovich of Smolensk (c1325-1386) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gleb Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1353-1399) 1353 12 August 1399
Anna of Smolensk (c1355-1418) 1355 31 July 1418 Trakai, Lithuania Vytautas (c1350-1430)
Unnamed daughter
Vasili Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk
Agrippina of Smolensk (c1355-c1410) 1355 1410 Ivan Olgimuntovich Olshansky (c1340-1402)
Yuri Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1355-1407) 1355 1407
Iuliana of Smolensk
Aleksandr Svyatoslavovich Dashek (c1358-1408)
Ivan Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1364-1403)


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Gleb Svyatoslavich
Born: c1353 Died: 1399
Preceded by
Prince of Smolensk
Succeeded by
Yuri Svyatoslavich