Green Harbor Monument - In Memory of the Early Settlers of Green Harbor of Plymouth Colony. Location: Old Winslow Burial Ground in Marshfield, Massachusetts. This cenotaph (or empty commemorative tomb) honors the early settles of this region of Massachusetts.

Winslow Cemetery dates back to about 1641. There are many fieldstones present, along with many unmarked graves. The people of Marshfield remembered the Early Settlers with this monument. It can be presumed that many of the early settlers are buried here (since this was the only burial ground in Marshfield until the early 1700s), but it can not be stated as a fact (since there are no written records). The names on the monument are listed below, and link to memorial pages.

Side 1 Memorial[]



  1. Edward Winslow - Mayflower Pilgrim, 3rd Governor of Plymouth Colony
  2. and wife Suzanna - Mayflower Pilgrim
  3. Kenelm Winslow
  4. and wife Ellen
  5. Josiah Winslow
  6. and wife Margaret
  7. Josiah Winslow - Governor of Plymouth Colony
  8. and wife Penelope
  9. William Thomas
  10. Nathaniel Thomas
  11. and wife Mary
  12. John Thomas
  13. and wife Sarah

Side 2 Memorial[]


  1. Arthur Howland
  2. and wife Margaret
  3. Samuel Baker
  4. and wife Ellen
  5. John Foster
  6. and wife Mary
  7. Samuel Sprague
  8. and wife Sarah
  9. John Phillips
  10. and wife Grace
  11. William Shirtley
  12. and wife Elizabeth
  13. Timothy Williamson
  14. and wife Mary
  15. Rev. Richard Blinman
  16. and wife Mary
  17. Rev. Edward Bulkely
  18. John Corum
  19. and wife Desire

Side 3 Memorial[]


  1. William Sherman
  2. and wife Prudence
  3. John Adams
  4. and wife Jane
  5. Thomas Bourn
  6. and wife Elizabeth
  7. Robert Waterman
  8. and wife Elizabeth
  9. Robert Carver
  10. and wife Christian
  11. John Dingley
  12. and wife Sarah
  13. Thomas Little
  14. and wife Anna
  15. William Foord
  16. and wife Anna
  17. John Low
  18. and wife Elizabeth
  19. Thomas Chillingworth
  20. and wife Joane

Side 4 Memorial[]


  1. Resolved White - Mayflower passenger
  2. and wife Judith
  3. Peregrine White - Born on Mayflower
  4. and wife Sarah
  5. Gilbert Brooks
  6. and wife Elizabeth
  7. Edward Bompasse
  8. and wife Hannah
  9. John Barker
  10. and wife Anna
  11. Anthony Snow
  12. and wife Abigail
  13. John Rouse
  14. and wife Annis
  15. James Pitney
  16. and wife Sarah
  17. Joseph Beadle
  18. and wife Rachel
  19. John Branch
  20. and wife Mary