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[[Category:Born in the Principality of Theodoro]]
[[Category:Born in the Principality of Theodoro]]
[[Category:Died in the Moscow]]
[[Category:Died in the Moscow]]
[[Category:Princes of Theodoro]]
[[Category:Prince of Theodoro]]

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Gregorios Gabras was born 9999 in Mangup, Principality of Theodoro to Stephen of Theodoro (?-1403) .

Gergorios Gabras left the Principality of Theodoro and went with his father Stephen of Theodoro (?-1403) to Moscow. He was there known under the name of Grigory Stepanovich Chovra (Chovra being the Turkish form of the Greek name Gabras). He is the ancestor of the Chovrin and Golovin families.


Offspring of Gregorios Gabras and Agrippina Unknown
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vladimir Grigorievich Chovra (?-?)


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