Guillaume I the Great, the Rash Ivrea de Bourgogne, Count of Burgundy, Count of Macon, was born 1020 to Renaud I de Bourgogne (c990-1057) and Adelaide of Normandy (1002-1038) and died 12 November 1087 Besancon of unspecified causes. He married Etiennette (-aft1087) . Charlemagne (747-814), Rollo of Normandy (860-932), Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

There are several hypotheses about the identity of his wife. She may be a daughter of Berengar Raymond I de Barcelona (1005-1035) by either his first of second wife or Berenger's niece by an unknown brother, a daughter of Adalbert de Lorraine (c1000-1048), or a daughter of Bernard II de Foix (c1014-1077).


Offspring of Guillaume I de Bourgogne and Etiennette (-aft1087)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ermentrude de Bourgogne (1055-1105) 1055 1105 Thierry de Montbéliard (1045-1105)
Octavien de Bourgogne (c1057-1128) 1057 1128
Raymond de Bourgogne (1059-1107) 1059 24 May 1107 Grajal de Campos Urraca of León and Castile (1079-1126)
Eudes de Bourgogne (c1059-c1087) 1059 1087
Guillaume de Bourgogne (c1060-bef1090) 1060 1090
Guy de Bourgogne (c1060-1124) 1060 13 December 1124
Renaud II de Bourgogne (1061-1097) 1061 1097 Regina von Oltigen (c1065-aft1107)
Etienne I de Bourgogne (1065-1102) 1065 1102 Beatrix de Lorraine (c1050-c1102)
Sybille de Bourgogne (c1065-aft1103) 1065 1103 Eudes I de Bourgogne (1058-1103)
Hugues de Bourgogne (c1072-1103) 1072 1103
Gisele de Bourgogne (1075-aft1133) 1075 1133 Humbert II de Savoie (aft1065-1103)
Ranieri de Montferrat (c1084-1135)
Berthe de Bourgogne (c1076-1097) 1076 1097 Alfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109)
Etiennette de Bourgogne (c1077-c1124) 1077 1124 Lambert Francois (?-aft1125)
Clemence de Bourgogne (1078-1129) 1078 1129 Robert II of Flanders (c1065-1111)
Godefroy I de Louvain (1060-1139)


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