Gwenllian Jenkin was baptised on 16th April 1797 in Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales. Here parents were Edward and Margaret Jenkin. Her siblings were Richard, Catherine, Edward, John and Margaret.


Gwenllian married Thomas Watkin on 19th January 1822 at Ystradyfodwg. Thomas also came from the area of Ystradyfodwg, the son of Jenkin and Ann Watkin (nee Morris). Thomas's occupation was carpenter.

Thomas and Gwenllian had 9 children together, born in the areas of Ystradyfodwg and Llantisant in Glamorgan. One child is believed to have died young (Margaret).

Daughter Ann spoke Welsh and was given a Welsh bible from an 'Aunt Mary' (possibly Thomas's sister), so it is highly likely that the entire family also spoke the language.

1841 census[]

In the 1841 census, Gwenllian and the family are located at Storehouse, Cymmer and Dinas District, Llantrisant. Thomas is recorded as a 45 year old carpenter, with wife Gwenllian aged 40. Sons Thomas, Jenkin, David and Watkin are listed as colliers, while no trade is recorded against the daughters' names. Daughter Margaret (aged 3) is still alive at this stage and is recorded in the census.

1851 census[]

In the 1851 census, the family is at Graig Ddu Cottages at Dinas in Llantrisant. Thomas is recorded as a 58 year old carpenter, with Gwenllian's age recorded as 55. Both are recorded as being born in Ystradyfodwg. Only children David, Watkin, Alice and Lucretia are now living with them, with David and Watkin recorded as coal miners, Daughter Alice is recorded as a scholar. Daughter Ann is living next door to the family, with her husband David Morgan and their daughter Catherine. Ann's name is mis-transcribed in the census as Hannah.

1861 census[]

In the 1861 census, Thomas is at Dynas Storehouse in Castella at Llantrisant. He is recorded as a 69 year old carpenter, wife Gwenllian is 65, and only daughters Alice and Lucretia still live with them.


The circumstances and date of Gwenllian's death are currently unknown, but as she and Thomas do not appear in the next census, it is likely that they both died before 1871.


Name Birth Death
Children of Thomas and Gwenllian Watkin

Thomas 1820
Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan

Jenkin 26/7/1823
Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan
March Q 1865?
Pontypridd District, Glamorgan?

David 24/7/1826
Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan

Ann 3/11/1827
Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan
Dandenong, Victoria

Watkin 1832
Llantrisant, Glamorgan

Elizabeth 1835
Llantrisant, Glamorgan

Margaret 1838
before 1851

Alice 1841
Llantrisant, Glamorgan

Lucretia 1846
Llantrisant, Glamorgan


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