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Hadwide de Florennes was born circa 990 to Arnaud II de Florennes (?-1010) and Ermentrude de Verdun (c970-aft1010) and died circa 1037 of unspecified causes. She married Hildrad I de Grandpré (c975-aft1040) 1013 JL . Charlemagne (747-814).

Note that her parentage is uncertain. She may have been a daughter of her brother Arnaud II de Florennes (c990-1015), but then she could not have been her children's mother (unless her brother and his mother were born before the current reconstruction).


Offspring of Hildrad I de Grandpré (c975-aft1040) and Hadwide de Florennes
Name Birth Death Joined with
Herman de Grandpré (c1014-aft1064) 1014 1064 Judith
Richard de Grandpré (c1015-1046) 1015 7 November 1064
Baudouin de Grandpré (c1016-aft1064) 1016 1046
Renaud de Grandpré (c1017-aft1046) 1017 1046
Berold de Grandpré (c1018-aft1040) 1018 1040

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