Hamon de Tittenlegh was born circa 1212 in England .

Cotton Family Ancestry

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The Cotton Family originated in north Shropshire, with many familial links in that county, and may, perhaps, have been Anglo-Saxon rather than Norman. ‘Coton in Wem’ is mentioned in Domesday Book (spelled ‘Cote’), and its ownership had passed from a un-named Anglo-Saxon to the Norman lord William Pantulf, Baron of Wem (or Wemme), as a tenant of the prominent Norman, Earl Roger of Shrewsbury.

The farthest back we have been able to trace the Cottons who came to own Combermere is Hugh of Hodnet, who was born around 1225, during the reign of King Henry III. His wife, Elizabeth de Tittenlegh (c1240-) is noted as being a daughter of Hamon de Tittenlegh (c1212-), who lived in Coton and this marriage represented the union of both Angle and Norman cultures.

The Cotton Family of Combermere Abbey has an extensive family ancestry that is directly descended from Henry II of England (1133-1189), Charlemagne (747-814) and the ancient Kings of Wessex. There are also many other notable family descendants.


Offspring of Hamon de Tittenlegh and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth de Tittenlegh (c1240-) 1240 England Hugh de Cotton (c1240-)




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