Hatman is a historical rank used mainly in Moldavia, The name derives from the Polish title of hetman.

The hatman was one of the senior boyars of the princely council, being ranked immediately after the logofăt and great vornic. The hatman was a privy councilor of the voivode and was the commander of the entire army. Besides, he also held the title of pârcălab of Suceava. Besides he was also in charge of supervising the gypsies on the princely properties. Like many other high ranking officials, he also had judicial powers.

In the 18th century, as the military might of the principality decreased, the hatman's role as military commander was also diminished. Instead, he became in charge of the police force and, at the same time was in charge of the protection of the borders of the principality. 

In time, he also was in charge of ensuring the functioning of the stage coach (menzil) system. 


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