Heinrich Seidlitz Löffel von Laschan (Czech: Jindřich Zejdlic Lefl z Lažan) was born circa 1370 in Laasan, Świdnica County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland to Günzel Seidlitz von Laschan (c1340-c1387) and Sophia von Rohnau (c1342-c1390) and died 1 November 1420 Battle of Vyšehrad of Killed in the Battle of Vyšehrad.

The most famous member of the von Lazan branch of the Seidlitz family during the 14th-15th centuries may be Heinrich Lefl von Lazan (c. 1370-1420). He was a royal courtier, Chancellor/Treasurer of Bohemia, Military Governor of Breslau and other towns, and friend and protector of Jan Hus. Heinrich Lefl offered Hus refuge at his castle at Krakovec in 1413-1414. According to some sources, Heinrich Lefl requested the promise of safe passage for Hus to the Council of Constance. (After he arrived in Constance, Hus was tried for heresy and burned at the stake in 1415.) Heinrich Lefl remained loyal to the Crown and was killed in battle by the rebellious Hussites, who buried him on the battlefield of Vyšehrad with honors because of his relationship with Hus.


Offspring of Heinrich Seidlitz Löffel von Laschan and Kateřina von Okoř (c1375-c1430)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hynek Zejdlic von Lažan (c1395-c1434) 1395 1434
Otto Zejdlic von Lažan (c1397-c1475) 1397 1475
Albrecht Zejdlic von Lažan (c1400-c1445) 1445 1400
Mikuláš Kohútek Zejdlic von Lažan (c1404-1438) 1404 1438
Kateřina Zejdlicová von Lažan (c1410-1460) 1410 1460 Albrecht Leskovec von Leskovce (c1405-c1465)
Jan "Bechyòka" Zejdlic von Lažan (c1420-1465) 1420 1465 Bechyně, Tábor District, South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic


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