"BDM" or "bdm" is a common abbreviation for "births, deaths, and marriages".

Special use on Familypedia[]

A major use of the term on this wiki is to create "/bdm subpages", which list all the people on Familypedia who had recorded birth, baptism, marriage(s), death, or burial at specific places. One bdm subpage can be created to link from any place page, using {{Bdm}} on the head article.

Localities and counties are usually enough, but a bdm page for a state, a province, or even a country with little data can be useful - e.g. Otago/bdm or Japan/bdm.

However, for a country or even a smaller division with many hundreds of Familypedia people, the system can produce lists so long as to be difficult to use - e.g. Scotland/bdm - or even to exceed a software limit and get into Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded while displaying none of the people. Editing box shows the sort of thing that may be needed. --- Robin Patterson (Talk) 05:50, March 23, 2021 (UTC)

Before 2019 we had variations with slightly different wording for different grades of place:

However, they are now all replaced by {{Bdm1}}

Creating bdm subpages[]

For the quickest way to create a bdm subpage, you need to be able to see the four green jigsaw puzzle pieces under the "Templates" heading to the right of the editing box (and you probably need to be using the standard "skin"). To see them permanently, make sure that, in your "Preferences" for editing, you have a blank box beside "Widen the Source mode edit box to fill the entire screen". If you want to keep the wider edit box as your basic preference, you can switch for this procedure by clicking the little arrow to the right of the vertical scroll bar; a similar arrow restores the wide screen.)

  • Click the red-linked "Births etc" tab on a "place" page then ensure that your blinking indicator is in the newly-presented blank edit box
  • Click the "Bdm" template, and don't move your pointer away
  • Type "1" (and don't move your typing finger far either)
  • Tab to reach the Edit summary
  • Click "Bdm" again and type "1" again
  • Click "Publish"

Now admire what you have created in just seven moves.

{{bdm1}} incorporates {{Showfacts locality}}, which gives you headings about people who were born, died, etc in a place, and tabulates any such people who have facts pages on Familypedia.