A Sensor page is a subpage of an article about an individual, using the format of adding "/sensor" to the page name.

What it does[]

It's an essential part of our Semantic MediaWiki system. A sensor page controls some of the article functions as well as displaying facts about the individual (including ancestors and descendants gradually derived from other pages and used in generating the "Ancestor tree" and "Descendants" subpages). It is separate from the article because it can list huge amounts of data and can take a correspondingly long time to load. You seldom need to look at it.

The page contains a large number of templates, mostly wrapped up in a supertemplate, {{SMW templates}}.

Creating one[]

Creating a sensor page is normally done from the "Edit with form" screen, where one option button is "Update/Create Sensor page". The same result can be had by direct use of Form:Sensor page.

Occasionally the software has seemed to get confused. On top of that we had a software change in March 2010 that is still being worked through.

If you get an error message such as "The page could not be moved: a page of that name already exists, or the name you have chosen is not valid", check the address bar at the top. If the middle part says "Special:AddData" or "Special:AddPage" or "Special:EditData", you may be able to fix the problem by changing it to "Special:formedit".

If clicking "Update/Create Sensor page" seems to take you back to the page you were on, there are two current solutions:

  1. If you're lucky, it will work OK next time if you have meanwhile created the standard "Family tree" subpage (which is just two clicks away when you are on the "Edit with form" page)
  2. If that fails too, please create the sensor page by hand. Reopen the article itself, click on the address bar once or twice, and add "/sensor" at the end straight after the article name, then hit your Enter key. In the resulting edit box, type or paste "{{sensor}}", then save.

Need to save more than once[]

Because of the way our cleverest templates relate to one another, not everything a sensor page is meant to do happens the first time it is saved. If something you are expecting fails to appear in the article or a subpage, another shot or two at "Update/Create Sensor page" or the article itself should get you closer. If still not satisfied, check the help desk to see if anyone else has had a similar problem recently. Create your own forum item if not. If no response within 24 hours, drop a note to rtol with a link to your forum page because he is our current expert on that sort of thing.