Since early 2010, one of the standard subpages of an individual's page has been the "tree" subpage. Its URL or pagename is formed merely by adding "/tree" to the URL or pagename of the individual (but don't create the page that way!). It is designed to display a chart of a person and his or her ancestors as far as they are noted on the wiki, with image and other details generally taken straight from each individual ancestor's page. An example (using a shortcut link) is Charlemagne/tree. Regrettably, server limitations stopped us using images.

Page coding[]

The standard content of a tree page is very simple, looking like this:

{{Showfacts tree02}}
[[Category:Tree pages]]

That coding is created automatically with a couple of clicks from the individual's /sensor page if you are using the forms for input. You can use the above to do it manually.

On particular pages, you may add relevant text above or below the {{Showfacts tree02}}; for example, to link to a manually-constructed Ahnentafel page or the same person's "pedigree" page on WorldConnect.

How it works[]

It's a mystery to most of us, but we know that it uses Semantic MediaWiki. It won't work at all unless the individual's page has at least some of the current standard format using SMW properties.

Discussion and explanations of possible problems appeared on Forum:Subpages for tree and sensor in early 2010, but some of what was happening then has now been superseded.

If it shows fewer people than it should[]

Since the November 2010 crash and patch, and possible subsequent switchings-off of SMW, many tree pages are displaying only the individual, with the standard lines for ancestors but empty boxes.

More common is the situation where later additions of individuals' pages have not been incorporated.

Some restoration is possible if you re-save the individual's /sensor page then re-save the /tree page. In each case you just click "Edit" then click "Publish".

Users are welcome to use the talk page of this page to discuss progress and solutions.

January 2011 - Semantic Forms version 2.0.8[]

Again with no apparent notice to us, Wikia have updated our SF to a new version. So some of the above may be out of date. Not even the individual's box has anything in it. See Familypedia talk:Semantic MediaWiki for an outline of the update (but it won't explain much of the differences that have been brought in since we got an earlier update in March 2010).

February 2011[]

Interim solution has been to recode the template so that it displays one of the older, less automatic tables.