Entity tags[]

These are specialized html "phrases" that allow you to insert special characters (like a cent sign (¢)) (don't omit the ';' at the end of the phrase).

Color coding[]

It is possible to add color to your HTML tables, text boxes, and fonts. Colors are specified with HexaDecimal codes ("HexCodes"), but for some colors "name labels" can also be used. The following link takes you to a table showing the various labels.

The use of "HexCodes" (as opposed to "name labels") will give you greater precision and flexibility in selecting colors. HexCodes are not intuitively obvious, but they do have a logic to them. Each of the three primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) are represented by a value of 0 to 255 (converted to base-16, or hexadecimal, that is 00 to FF) which combine to form the resulting color. Here are how the most basic colors are rendered in HexCode:

Color HexCode Color HexCode Color HexCode Color HexCode
red #FF0000 maroon #800000 purple #800080 magenta #FF00FF
green #00FF00 hunter #008000 olive #808000 yellow #FFFF00
blue #0000FF navy #000080 teal #008080 cyan #00FFFF
black #000000 gray #808080 silver #C0C0C0 white #FFFFFF

You can certainly figure out the right mix of saturations if you want to learn the hexadecimal system, but if you just want to get the right color, you're probably better off refering to a chart of colors such as List of colors or by using a "color picker" such as one of the following:

Java Applet by M.Fujimiya.
A complex color picker

The color picker in photo programs such as Photoshop will also indicate the hexadecimal code for colors, so that you can not only pick a color but match a color you like by simply taking a picture of it. Note that this will be approximate because of differences in monitor settings and the way your camera took the picture.