Wiki Managers and Content Team are a group of helpers whose powers were defined in 2019. See for full introduction.

Wiki managers[]

"For those unfamiliar with Wiki Managers (WMs for short), they are part-time staff members assigned to specific wikis. They are here to support your wiki's community and help it grow and thrive, and to serve as a liaison with a direct line of contact to full-time Fandom staff. Need pointers with complex editing, reorganizing the wiki, updating your theme, etc.? Talk to your Wiki Manager! They can also help guide you in resolving editor disputes and solicit help from other Fandom staff, as well as provide tips on best practices.

"Wiki Managers are NOT there to take over your wiki, usurp your admins, or do your editing for you."

"Not every wiki will have a manager, but all wikis will continue to enjoy excellent support from our staff."

Content teams[]

"Content Team Members (CTMs for short) will assist in sprucing up and seeding content on wikis, often around upcoming launches, large updates, etc. Think of them as temporary helpers on your wiki to get everything ship shape before a big influx of new editors and readers arrives. They’ll be working closely with you in order to best serve your communities."