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Just playing with some alternatives for keeping track of what's been entered---and refinding it! The color is experimental to help distinguish lineages without having to resort to building straight line connectors between generations---It could be done, but as you say "very fiddly".

I've tried inserting copies of these into specific person articles---to help show the genealogical relationships between families. Seemed to work reasonably well.

I'll check out the simplification. Standard HTML without the ability to do Stylesheets, is always a bit "fiddly"---which makes this approach not one of use to many....too much to keep track of. Perhaps the simplification will help.

Yes, the Walker connection is buried a bit deeper than this---three or four generations earlier on. Five rows is about the max for this kind of display, unless you go for a smaller font. The history of the family, however, is only hinted at so far in these pages. The strongest hint at that history is in the by-name of John Walker IV (Indian Killer). There's a reason he had that particular nickname. Not at all a tolerant man, though he probably felt he had good reason for his deeds. Eventually, when the companion articles are written it will become clear.

As you may have noted, my personal lineage is relatively shallow---mostly owing to the fact that three of my great grandparents were immigrant ancestors---since I stop most reasearch on this side of the Atlantic (for the time being) I end up with a fairly abbreviated family tree. My wife makes up for it though. Her family tree is much better populated.Bill 01:45, 5 October 2006 (UTC)