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<noinclude>{{showfacts tree02}}</noinclude><includeonly>{{subst:#ifeq:{{{1|}}}|person|
{{showfacts tree02}}
{{showfacts person
[[Category:Tree pages]]
|globals={{get globals}}
|short_name= Henders Nienhuis
|surname = Nienhuis
|given_name = Henders
|birth_year = 1641
|birth_places-other= Dale+ Aalten+ Gelderland+ Netherlands
|father = Hendrick te Nienhuis (c1598-1669)
|joined_with=Hendrik Kresses (c1650-?)
|wedding1_places-other=Winterswijk+ Gelderland+ Netherlands
|long_name = Henders Nienhuis
{{showfacts children
|children-g1=Aeltjen Kresses (c1683-?)
|}} }}</includeonly>

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Hendrick te Nienhuis (c1598-1669)
Henders Nienhuis (c1641-)