Herbert II Carolingian de Vermandois, Count of Vermandois, Count of Meaux, was born 884 to Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907) and Bertha de Morvois (c850-c907) and died 23 February 943 of unspecified causes.


Offspring of Herbert II de Vermandois and Hildebranda of France (895-931)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Adele de Vermandois (910-960) 910 960 Arnulf I of Flanders (c890-965)
Eudes d'Amiens (910-aft946) 910 946
Robert de Vermandois (918-968) 920 968 Seine-et-Marne, France Adelaide-Werra de Chalon (920-967)
Hugues de Reims (920-962) 920 962
Liutgarde de Vermandois (c920-978) 920 9 February 978 William Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy (893-942)
Thibaut I de Blois (913-975)
Herbert III de Vermandois (c913-c982) 913 982 Eadgifu of Wessex (902-aft955)
Albert I de Vermandois (915-987) 915 Saint-Quentin 8 September 987 Gerberge de Lorraine (c935-978)



Offspring of Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907) and Bertha de Morvois (c850-c907)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Béatrice of Vermandois (c880-931) 880 Paris, France 26 March 931 Soissons, France Robert I of France (866-923)
Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943) 884 23 February 943 Hildebranda of France (895-931)
Cunigunde of Vermandois (-943) 943 Udo I von der Wetterau (c900-949)
Adele of Vermandois (?-?) Gebhard von Ufgau (?-c947)
Berengar of Bayeaux (?-?) Daughter of Gurvand, Duke of Brittany

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