Hidden Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: Nov 1927 [1]
Father: Francis Messerly (1900)
Mother: Pauline Donley (c1903) Pauline Marguerite Donley

Hidden Messerly Name known but witheld because living.

Documentation Notes[]

  • 1930 Census reports Francis Edward Messerly Head of household, age 29 Employed at Shoe Factory.
    • Pauline M. 27 wife, Eugene F. 7, Herbert L (5), Jerome E. 7 months, and Living- age 2 years 4 months.
  • Corax lists Pauline's maiden name as Pauline Marguerite Donley (1902-1984)
  • Corax lists Francis Messerly's name as Francis Edward Messerly (1900 - 1976)
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  • Corax lists Eugene Francis birth as 7 Aug 1922, death 21 Jul 1995
  • Father: Elza Milton Messerly (born 4/17/1857 in Baltimore, OH; died 11/20/1933 in North Canton, OH)
  • Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Agnes Zecaty (born 9/11/1875 in Fairfield County, OH; died 9/30/1960 in Lancaster, OH)
  • Children of Pauline and Francis Messerly: Eugene Francis Messerly (b. 8/7/1922, d. 7/21/1995); Herbert Leo Messerly (b. 12/12/1924);
 Carl Justin Messerly (b. 11/28/1927); Jerome Edward Messerly (b. 8/26/1929); Rita Ann Messerly-VanAtta (b. 4/1/1931); Rose Agnes-Mulroy
(b. 4/8/1933); Hugh Patrick Messerly(b. 8/8/1934); Phillip Joseph Messerly (b. 3/3/1936); Martha Marie Messerly-Sammler (b. 7/27/1937).


  1. ^ 1930 Census
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