The Norman family of Beaumont was one of the great baronial Anglo-Norman families which became rooted in England after the Norman conquest.

Roger de Beaumont, lord (seigneur) of Pont-Audemer, of Beaumont-le-Roger, of Brionne and of Vatteville, was too old to fight at Hastings, staying in Normandy to govern and protect it whilst William was away on the invasion. As a reward he received lands in Leicestershire. His son Robert de Beaumont, comte de Meulan, who commanded the Norman right wing at Hastings, became the first earl of Leicester. His brother Henri de Beaumont was created earl of Warwick.

During Stephen's reign, the twins Galéran and Robert were powerful allies to the king, and as a reward Galéran (already comte de Meulan) was made earl of Worcester.

Counsel from the Beaumonts was much-listened-to by the dukes of Normandy, then by the kings of England.

Bernard the Dane
└─>Torf le Riche, seigneur de Pont-Audemer (born c. 910)
   └─>Turold de Pont-Audemer (c. 940)
      └─>Onfroi de Vieilles called de Harcourt (c. 975)
         └─>Roger de Beaumont (le Barbu) († 1094)
            ├─>Robert de Beaumont (10501118)
            │  │
            │  ├─>Galéran IV de Meulan (11041166)
            │  │  └─> earls of Worcester branch
            │  │
            │  └─>Robert II de Beaumont (11041168)
            │     └─> earls of Leicester branch
            └─>Henri de Beaumont called de NeufBourg (10461123)
               └─> earls of Warwick branch  

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