The House of Grimaldi (with few exceptions) have been the primary rules of the Principality of Monaco since the 12th Century.


The Grimaldi Family is one of the oldest and most prominent noble families in Europe. The Grimaldi family's history is intertwined with Monaco's own development, and their enduring reign has shaped the principality's identity and prominence in the modern world. Here's an overview of their origins and history:

Royal Ancestry of Monaco Princes[]

# Name Spouse Birth Death occupation ancestry
G-01 Lanfranco Grimaldi (1230-1293) 1230 Italy 1293 Italy Italian Noble
G-02 Rainier I of Monaco (1267-1314)
First Lord of Monaco
Selvatica del Carretto (1268-1328)
Capetian dynasty
(See below)
1267 Italy 1314 Monaco 1st Grimaldi Ruler of Monaco Sources: FMG &
G-03 Carlo I of Monaco (c1295-1357)
Lord of Monaco
Lucinette Spinola (c1295-) 1295 Italy 1357 Admiral in France, Several battles with the Geneose for control of Monaco Sources: FMG &
G-04 Rainier II of Monaco (1350-1407)
Lord of Monaco
Isabella Asinari (c1350-) 1350 Monaco 1407 Monaco Wars with Genoese
G-05 Giovanni I Grimaldi (c1382-1454)
Lord of Monaco
Pomellina Fregoso (1387-1468) 1382 Monaco 1454 Monaco Wars with Genoese and Milanese
G-06 Catalano Grimaldi (1415-1457)
Lord of Monaco
Blanche del Carettoo (1432-1458) 1415 Monaco 1457 Monaco Reign only 3 years, poor health
G-07 Claudine Grimaldi (1451-1515)
Lord of Monaco
Lamberto Grimaldi d'Antibes (c1420-1494) 1451 Monaco 1515 Monaco Daughter of Catalano where her grandmother served as regent. Married her Grimaldi cousin.
G-08 Luciano Grimaldi (1481-1523)
Lord of Monaco
Jeanne de Ponteves (1501-1523) 1481 Monaco 1523 Monaco Gained power after the murder of his brother (Giovanni II) to stop his treason.
G-09 Honore of Monaco (1522-1581)
Lord of Monaco
Isabelle Grimaldi (1525-1583) 1522 Monaco 1581 Monaco succeeded to rule at age 8 months, after assassination of his father.
G-10 Ercole I of Monaco (1562-1604)
Lord of Monaco
Maria Landi (1562-1599) 1562 Monaco 1604 Monaco Succeeded his brother. Murdered in 1604.
G-11 Honore II of Monaco (1597-1662)
Prince of Monaco
Ippolita Trivulzio (1600-1638) 1597 Monaco 1662 Monaco During childhood regency, Monaco was occupied by the Spanish and royal family fled to Milan. First ruler to use the title "Prince".
G-12 Ercole II of Monaco (1623-1651)
Heir Apparent of Monaco
Maria Aurelia Spinola (1620-1670) 1623 Monaco 1651 Monaco Heir Apparent, died at age 27 without becoming prince.
G-13 Luigi I of Monaco (1642-1701)
Prince of Monaco
Charlotte Catherine de Gramont (1639-1678) 1642 Monaco 1701 Monaco in 1662 succeeded his grandfather as Prince. In 1666 he distinguished himself at the Four Days' Battle between the English and Dutch fleets.
G-14 Antoine I of Monaco (1661-1731)
Prince of Monaco
Marie de Lorraine-Armagnac (1674-1724) 1661 Monaco 1731 Monaco He "completed the fortifications of the Rock of Monaco, constructed the Oreillon and the Fort Antoine."
G-15 Louise Hippolyte Grimaldi (1697-1731)
Princess of Monaco
Jacques I of Monaco (1689-1751) 1697 Monaco 1731 Monaco One of only two women to rule Monaco
G-16 Honore III of Monaco (1720-1795)
Prince of Monaco
Maria Caterina Brignole-Sale (1737-1813) 1720 Paris 1795 Paris Imprisoned in Paris during the Revolution of 1793
G-17 Honore IV of Monaco (1758-1819)
Prince of Monaco
Louise Felicite Victorie d'Aumont (1759-1826) Prince / royal POW of Napoleon, causing serious illness.
G-18 Florestan of Monaco (1785-1856)
Prince of Monaco
Marie Caroline Gibert de Lametz (1793-1879) Prince / Soldier POW of the Russians during Napoleonic Wars
G-19 Charles III of Monaco (1818-1889)
Prince of Monaco
Antoinette Ghislaine Merode (1828-1864) builder of Monte Carlo Casino
G-20 Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922)
Prince of Monaco
Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton (1850-1922)
Hamilton family Long ling of English nobility
Prince during World War I
G-21 Louis II of Monaco (1870-1949)
Prince of Monaco
Marie Juliette Louvet (1867-1930) Prince during World War II and the Italian occupation.
G-22 Charlotte of Monaco (1898-1977)
Prince of Monaco
Pierre de Polignac (1895-1964) illegitimate daughter, adopted into the Grimaldi Family to avert the "Succession Crisis of 1918".
G-23 Rainier III of Monaco (1923-2005)
Prince of Monaco
Grace Kelly Prince, md American film actress Grace Kelly.
G-24 Albert II of Monaco (1958-)
Prince of Monaco
Current Prince

Descent from Charlemagne[]

Parentage for House of Capet (CP)[]

The House of Capet (French: Maison capétienne) ruled the Kingdom of France from 987 to 1328. It was the most senior line of the Capetian dynasty – itself a derivative dynasty from the Robertians. Most noble families of Europe trace their lineage to Charlemagne thru this family.

Starting point is Hugh Capet, grandson of the Italian Princess, Béatrice of Vermandois (c880-931), came to power. The direct line of the House of Capet came to an end in 1328, when the three sons of Philip IV (reigned 1285–1314) all failed to produce surviving male heirs to the French throne.

# Name Spouse Birth Death occupation ancestry
CP-01 Charlemagne (747-814) Hildegard (758-783) 2 APR 747
Herstal, Belgium
28 JAN 814
Aachen, Germany
King of the Franks
King of the Lombards
Holy Roman Emperor
See A12 Above
(Wikipedia, Peerage, FMG, etc)
Charlemagne Family Ancestry
CP-02 Pepin of Italy (773-810)
Pepin Carolingian of Italy,
King of the Lombards
Ingletrude 773 Vermandois, Normandy 8 JUL 810
Milan, Lombardy, Italy
King of Lombardy 782-810
802: Rescue Pope Leo III, creating very strong ties between Carolingians and the Catholic Church
Contemporary Sources: Vita Karoli Magni, Historia Langobardorum, Codex Carolinus.
CP-03 Bernard of Italy (797-818)
King of Italy
Cunigunda of Laon (c797-) 797, France 818 Vassal king to his uncle Louis the Pious (778-840), but killed in 818 for rebellion Ref: Revolt of Bernard of Italy, The Cambridge Medieval History Series volumes 1-5.
(Source : FMG)
CP-04 Pepin de Vermandois (c815-aft848) unknown c815 aft848 Returned to Paris in 840 (Source : FMG)
CP-05 Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907) Bertha de Morvois (c850-?) 848 Paris, France 8 SEP 907 Soissons, Aisne, France Forcibly acquired County of Vermandois
House of Vermandoise
{Source : FMG}
CP-06 Béatrice of Vermandois (c880-931)
Queen of West Francia
Robert I of France (866-923) 880 Paris, France 26 MAR 931 Soissons, Aisne, France Married Robert I of France, future King of West Francia, Count of Paris, Count of Poitiers (Source : FMG)
CP-07 Hugh the Great (898-956) Hadwig von Sachsen (c917-959) 898 Paris, France 16 JUN 956
Dourdan, France
Count of Paris (Source: The Annals of Flodoard)
CP-08 Hugh Capet (c940-996)
King of France
Adelaide of Aquitaine (c945-1004)
House of Normandy,
House of Burgundy
House of Aquitaine
940 Paris, France 24 OCT 996
Paris, France
987 Coronation as King of France Founder Capetian dynasty that ruled for many generations. Wife Adelaide was the daughter of William III, Duke of Aquitaine and Adele of Normandy, daughter of Rollo of Normandy (860-932).
CP-09 Robert II of France (972-1031)
King of France

AKA: Robert the Pious
Constance of Arles (986-1034) 27 MAR 972
Orléans, France
20 JUL 1031
Meulan, Ile-de-France
998, Excommunication for marrying his second cousin,
1000, persecution of the Heretics of Orleans
Daughter Adèle of France (1009-1079), was mother-in-law to William the Conqueror
CP-10 Henry I of France (1008-1060)
King of France

AKA: Henry the Fowler
Anne of Kiev (c1028-1075)
Princess of Russia

Descent of Rurik (c832-879), founder of the great dynasty of the Rus.
Rurik Family Ancestry
4 MAY 1008
Reims, France
4 AUG 1060
Vitry-aux-Loges, France
With European fuedal power at its greatest reach here, the Capetian realm was at is most restricted Through this one marriage many royal families of Europe can trace ancestry to the legendary Charlemagne, Rollo of Normandy and Rurik of Russia. Several children here established many great noble lines.

Alfred the Great
Rollo the Viking

CP-11 Hugh the Younger
Count of Vermandois
Adelaide de Vermandois (1064-1120) 1053 France 1101 Turkey Very prominent leader of the 1st Crusade, where he died in battle. Source: FMG
CP-12 Agnes de Vermandois (1083-aft1125) Boniface del Vasto (1060-c1131)
Count of Savana
1083 France 1125 Italy Md to an Italian Noble. Sources: FMG &
CP-13 Enrico del Vasto (1115-1184)
1st Marchese di Savona
Beatrice de Montferrat (1142-1228) 1115 Italy 1184 Italy Italian noble Sources: FMG &
CP-14 Enrico II del Carretto (1165-1231)
2nd Marchese di Savona
Agathe de Geneve (1196-1247) 1165 Italy 1231 Italy Italian noble Sources: FMG &
CP-15 Giacomo del Carretto (1213-1268)
3rd Marchese di Savona
Caterina de Marano (1216-1272)
GGdaughter of Holy Romand Emporer (German) Fredrick Barbarossa
1213 Italy 1268 Italy Italian noble Source:
CP-16 Selvatica del Carretto (1268-1328) Rainier I of Monaco (1267-1314)
1st Sovereign Lord of Monaco
1268 Italy 1328 Monaco Sources: FMG &
CP-17 Carlo I of Monaco (c1295-1357)
Lord of Monaco
Lucinette Spinola (c1295-) 1295 Italy 1357 Admiral in France, Several battles with the Geneose for control of Monaco Sources: FMG &

German Parentage[]

  1. Federico Barbarossa - Holy Roman Emporer (German).
  2. Heinrich VI of the Holy Roman Empire (1165-1197)
  3. Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250) - md Constance of Sicily (1154-1198) - another Charlemagne descendant
  4. Caterina de Marano (1216-1272) - Married to Giacomo del Carretto (1213-1268), 3rd Marchese di Savona (See #CP-15 above)
  5. Selvatica del Carretto (1268-1328) - great, great granddaughter of Federico Barbarossa. She md Rainier I of Monaco (1267-1314), 1st Sovereign Lord of Monaco.
  6. Carlo I of Monaco (c1295-1357) =

English Royal Descent[]

From Henry III of England (1207-1272) see his descent on the following charts:

  1. Henry III of England (1207-1272)
  2. Edmund Crouchback, 1st Earl of Lancaster (1245-1296)
  3. Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster (1281-1345)
  4. Eleanor Plantagenet (c1318-1372)
  5. Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel (1346-1397)
  6. Elizabeth FitzAlan (1366-1425)
  7. Joan Goushill (c1401-aft1460)
  8. Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby (1435-1504)
  9. George Stanley, 9th Baron Strange (c1460-1503)
  10. Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby (1485-1521)
  11. Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby (1509-1572)
  12. Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby (1531-1593)
  13. William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby (c1561-1642)
  14. James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby (1607-1651)
  15. Amelia Anne Sophia Stanley (1633-1702)
  16. Charles Murray, 1st Earl of Dunmore (1661-1710)
  17. Anne Murray (1687-1710)
  18. Catherine Cochrane (1709-1786)
  19. Harriet Stewart (c1744-1788)
  20. Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton (1767-1852)
  21. William Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton (1811-1863)
  22. Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton (1850-1922)
  23. Louis II of Monaco (1870-1949)

Notable Landmarks[]

Monaco BW 2011-06-07 16-07-20

Cathedral of our Lady Immaculate (Monaco).

The Cathedral of our Lady Immaculate (Monaco) (in French language: Cathédrale de Notre-Dame-Immaculée), but sometimes called Saint Nicholas Cathedral (the name of the old church which was demolished in 1874),[1] or Monaco Cathedral (French: Cathédrale de Monaco), is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Monaco in Monaco-Ville, Monaco, where many of the Grimaldis are buried, including Grace Kelly and Rainier III.

The cathedral was built from 1875 to 1903 and consecrated on 11 June 1911. It is on the site of the first parish church in Monaco, built in 1252 and dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Of note are the retable (circa 1500) to the right of the transept, the Great Altar and the Episcopal throne in white Carrara marble.



  1. ^ "Monaco Cathedral". Wondermondo. . Now the new "St. Nicholas Church" in Monaco is the parish church in Fontvielle