House of Normandy
Country England

Founder Rollo
Final sovereign Stephen
Current head Extinct
Founding 911
Dissolution 25 October 1154
Ethnicity Norman, English

The House of Normandy is the usual designation for the family that were the Dukes of Normandy and Kings of England which immediately followed the Norman conquest of England and lasted until the House of Plantagenet came to power in 1154. It included Rollo and his descendants, and from William the Conqueror and his heirs down through 1135. After that it was disputed between William's grandchildren, Matilda and Stephen of the House of Blois (or Blesevin dynasty).

The Norman dukes were:

The Norman monarchs of England and Normandy were:

French Monarchs[]

The granddaughter of King Henry II, married King Louis VIII of France.

# Name Spouse Birth Death occupation ancestry / descendants
CP-01 Henry II of England (1133-1189)
King of England
England England
CP-02 Eleanor of England (1162-1214)
Queen of Castile
Alfonso VIII, King of Castile (1155-1214) 1162 England 1214 Spain Her husband formed an alliance of several Spanish kingdoms to start the "Reconquista" to reclaim lands from the Mohameds.
CP-03 Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)
Queen of France
King Louis VIII of France 1188 Spain 1252 France Louis briefly claims title of King of England during a succession title in England. Blanche ruled France in two subsequent regencies.
CP-04 Louis IX Capet (1214-1270)
King of France
Capetian dynasty
Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295) 1214 France 1270 Tunisia Died while on crusade His ancestry Unites the Frence, English and Spanish royal families.

Family tree[]

Note: The names of Kings of England have been emboldened to disambiguate from Dukes of Normandy.

Duke of Normandy
William I,
Duke of Normandy
Richard I,
Duke of Normandy
Richard II,
Duke of Normandy
Robert I,
Duke of Normandy
Richard III,
Duke of Normandy
William I & II,
King of England & Duke of Normandy
Robert II,
Duke of Normandy
Count of Blois
William II,
King of England
Henry I,
King of England & Duke of Normandy
William Clito,
Count of Flanders
King of England & Duke of Normandy
Count of Anjou & Duke of Normandy
William III Adelin,
Duke of Normandy
Henry II
King of England

References and notes[]

  1. ^ Matilda's inheritance was usurped by her cousin Stephen of England in 1135. She recovered Normandy, but ruled in England only in 1141 as Lady of the English. However, Matilda maintained her dynastic rights until she abdicated them in favour of her son Henry II of England in 1153 following the Treaty of Wallingford.

See also[]

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