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Sir Hugh Bagot of Bagot's Bromley was born 9999 in England to Simon Bagot (-c1203) and died 1242 England of unspecified causes. He married Alicia Unknown .

Collections for a History of Staffordshire, Volume 11

Al already mentioned (see his father), he first occurs as plaintiff in suit against the Abbot of Burton in 1203. A verdict was given in his favour, the jury finding that the Abbot had unjustly disseised him of three or four acres of wood in Bromley. The Abbots Manor of Bromley adjoined Bagots Bromley, and the boundaries were probably very vague at this period.

Hugh next occurs as a Knight Juror in 1212, in a suit of Great Assize in the Curia Regis respecting tenements in Hunesworth (Handsworth).

A suit on the Staffordshire Assize Roll of 12 H. III. (1227), to which Hugh was a party, names many of the witnesses to the Bagot deeds in the Appendix. In this suit Richard son of John of Tunstal, sued Henry Coe and Osbert de Lockesley for 20 acres of land in Tunstal, which he claimed as nearest heir of Liulf de Tunstal, his uncle. Henry Coe, who held a moiety of the land, called Hugh Bagot to warranty, who appeared and warranted the land to him. The jury, however, found that Liulf had been seized of the land in fee at the time of his death, and that Richard was his nearest heir. Hugh was therefore in misericordia and was to give land of equal value to Henry Coe. This suit shows that Tunstal in Bagots Bromley was accounted at this date as a separate vill or township.

At the same Assizes, Hugh Bagot occurs frequently as a Knight Juror in Pleas of Great Assize, and he was likewise one of a jury of twenty-four Knights who were empanelled by order of the Justices Itinerant at the same Assizes to return a verdict respecting the franchises of the King abstracted within the County.

In the Burton Chartulary there is a deed by which Leonard, the Abbot of Burton, concedes to Sir Hugh Bagot, Kt., and to his heirs, a chauntry within the chapel of Bromley to be served by his own chaplain so long as they remain fermors of the monastery. The first witness to this deed is Robert de Haya, who is described as Sheriff. This Robert was Shriff in the years 1232-34, and as the prdecessor of the Abbot Leonard died in 1233, the date of the deed must be either 1233 or 1234. After this date there is no mention of Hugh on Public Records till 1243. In the latter year he occurs as tenant of a Knight's Fee in Bromley in a return of the Fees of the Stafford Barony in the Testa de Nevill. At this date he had been over forty years in possession, and must have died shortly afterwards. There is proof of his death in 1256, for at this date his son Richard was returned amongst the tenants in co. Stafford who held land of the value of L15 and upwards by Knight's service and were not yet knights."


Offspring of Sir Hugh Bagot of Bagot's Bromley and Alicia Unknown
Name Birth Death Joined with
Richard Bagot (c1211-c1271) 1211 England 1271 England Christina Mauveisin (-c1276)



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