Hugh Capet de Vermandois, Count of Vermandois, was born 1053 in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France to Henry I of France (1008-1060) and Anna Yaroslavna of Kiev (c1028-1075) and died 18 October 1101 Tarsus, Turkey of unspecified causes. He married Adelaide de Vermandois (1064-1120) 1067 JL . Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Hugh Capet (c940-996)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.


Offspring of Hugh de Vermandois and Adelaide de Vermandois (1064-1120)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth de Vermandois (c1081-1131) 1081 Saint-Quentin, France 13 February 1131 Meulan, France Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (1049-1118) Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (1049-1118) William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey (1080-1138)
Agnes de Vermandois (1083-aft1125) 1083 Vermandois 1125 Boniface del Vasto (1060-c1131)
Raoul I de Vermandois (1085-1152) 1085 14 October 1152 Eléonore of Blois (c1104-1147) Petronille de Poitiers (1125-1153) Eléonore of Blois (c1104-1147) Petronille de Poitiers (1125-1153) Laurette of Flanders (c1125-1170)
Matilda de Vermandois (1080-1130) 1080 1130 Raoul I de Beaugency (1068-1113)
Beatrix de Vermandois (1090-c1145)
Henri de Vermandois (-1130)
Simon de Vermandois (-1148)
Constance de Vermandois (1083-c1130) 1083 1130 Geoffroy de Meaux (1090-1152)

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